“Successful Improved Models Conference”

“Successful Improved Models Conference”

The first conference focused on “review of successful improved models” in the field of "Business Analytics" was held in 500-person conference hall in Sapco in 2017.01.04 with a very good reception from industry leaders across the country.

At the conference, the case studies and financial results in different fields of industry, were examined.

It's an honor that Jahan Electronic was among the few Iranian companies that have managed to create a huge change in their quality system and consequently invited to explain its achievements and actions around "Quality Creation while Production” in the conference.

Quality Manager of JEC explained quality performance of company in following categories:

   1) Tools taken in quality creation (For Example: Control chart, Standard work, on job Training and etc.)

    2) JEC quality house
    3) Gains resulting from the use of quality tools that lead to increase quality and reduce costs simultaneously, so developed contribution of our customers in market.

We hope to be able to improve increasingly in order to provide our customers satisfaction.