Why Choose Jahan Electronic?


1- Achieve  stronger profit margin: Advise on product & technology cost factors by our highly skilled technical team to reduce your cost while high quality.

2- Your Reliable OEM Partner: 70% of our customers have selected JEC as single source because of high level of quality & reliability due to Strong synergies along with highly-skilled teams and partners.

3- Saving Your Time (One stop): An end to end offer for you for a one stop shop solution (PCB & Assembly &component procurement all together)

4- Aggregated Expertise: High level of expertise gathered from more than 50,000 different orders will Accelerate the project.

5- Strong Focus: The commitment to provide each customer with intense focus and customized Solutions, with devoted support team.

6- Fast Reactivity: Quick response and problem solving by agile team.

7- On time shipping: 100% of orders are shipped on time or it is free.

8- Focus on Your Core Competency: Focus on your core competencies include :Innovation, research and development,and business development by outsourcing PCB manufacturing PCB Assembly and component procurement to us.



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