“Kaizen Day News”

Kaizen's Day is as a symbol of organizational belief of Jahan Electronic (JEC) in applying the teachings of “5S”. Fortunately we started first working day after New Year Holiday with “Kiazen Day” for 15th consecutive year. Indeed View all empathy, cooperation and convalescence which was observed among colleagues was valuable and added to the glory of the day.

Ceremony started with speeches of Kaizen officer (CEO) among all s committed colleagues. He pointed to history and logic of “5S" and the growing use of it between companies in different industries.

Selection, protection and implementation of special programs, known as "kaizen day" and repeat it during the past 14 years is to become the "character" that we hope to create more and more value for our valuable customers.

At the end the closing ceremony was held that Kaizen officer had speech and appreciated efforts and cooperation of colleagues and hope to create the logic of “5S" in their lives and minds.

Additionally, according to planning, kaizen picnic will be held with the aim of strengthening the friendly relations and cooperation between colleagues in May.